Terms of use for Mabuhay Chat

Read all the rules.

1. This IS your WARNING! (Dont say u did not get warned!)
... Failing to follow the Mabuhay Chat rules can result in kick(s) or BANNING WITH OUT FURTHER WARNING!!! Read all the rules BEFORE you enter!

2. @ Mabuhay Chat you must carry a polite conversation and assist in creating a polite, pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

3. Be helpful to new chatters. It can be hard to learn how a chat works when you are new, and to find chat buddies. Be friendly and helpful to newcommers.

4. Respect the advise of chat monitors. Monitors have authority to kick and ban and may give you advice if you for example need to change handle or be more polite.

5. Handles must be polite. Handles must also follow all other rules of Mabuhay Chat.

6. All chatters are to have a handle. Invisible characters are not accepted as handle. Handles must be visible in the list of chatters – unless you are a monitor.

7. Do not utter racistic, blasphemic, provocative expressions or use such handles or handles with names of recognized evil characters such as devil or similar.

8. Annyoing chatters is unacceptable. So don’t flood, swear or talk dirty and call chatters bad names or derogative nicknames or carry derogative conversation, impersonate chatters or annoy chatters.

9. Don’t flood with icons. Use the icons as parts of your conversation, not just for displaying them all!

10. It is NOT acceptable to post single words in each post and make a sentence out of it. Sentences are to be written in one. The other is flooding.

11. It is not acceptable to write like this: THISSS ISSSS SOOOO ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, or similar.

12. Do not send explicit sexy remarks to chatters. For sex-chatting go to other chats on the net.

13. Dont recruit chatters to go to other sites except FREE sites given by www.Philippine.org. You must arrange other advertisements with the ChatMaster.

14. It is not acceptable to count down from more than 3 (3, 2, 1 gone) before you log out. It is considered flooding.

15. If you see annoying messages in PM or public, you can click the handle of that chatter and the ear with line over. Then those messages dont appear.

16. Monitors can log on and off - with OUT being visible to you at all!!

17. If you have problems with or questions about the rules, the monitors or how the rules are applied in general, contact the chatmaster by email or webform. If you got a specific case that you think was handled inappropriately, contact the chatmaster. Do not engage in discussion in Mabuhay Chat about how monitoring is done or about the rules. Use the contact methods given above instead.


If you agree to the above rules you may chat in Mabuhay Chat.

You may be in USA, but legally the chat is considered published from Denmark, which means that the laws of Denmark apply, and in Denmark there is no first ammendment.